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Words are the important factor in any kind of communication. The words in fact the meaningful words are a source for presenting our ideas to the other people in the world. The main thing that is required in any language is the vocabulary and that is formed or enhanced by learning the meanings of the words. For enhancing the vocabulary dictionaries are present in almost all languages that are defining the words and their meanings for the use by people. In this article we will be discussing the ecstatic definition. The meaning of the word ecstatic is associated with the state of over joy or over whelmed generally. This is the condition that is associated with the condition that is to its extreme or beyond the limits. This word is used in many contexts and forms. The person when is in the ecstatic state then the people are in the state of mind that is so much extreme and intense and hence the person is got carried away from normal senses and self control.

It is also often associated with the temporary loss of the consciousness. Sometimes the ecstatic definition is also used for the use of certain drugs, mysteries in a religion, or is sometimes associated with the orgasm. In medical sciences this term is used for the medicines that can be used as a string stimulant for producing the hallucinations. For being used as a noun this can be used as a word called as ecstasy. Like we can say that he or she is in a state of ecstasy. For using this word as an adjective ecstatic is used and we can use it in a sentence as he is in an ecstatic mood after listening to this news.

Ecstatic Definition

The word used in the form of adverbs can be used as ecstatically, non-ecstatically or un-ecstatically. The origin of the word ecstatic can be dated back to the years of 1620 to 1630s. in that era the use of the word in the Middle French language as extatique was used for describing the condition in which the person was out of mind state or unconsciousness state. The word also got some origins in the Medieval Latin and Greek languages. In the years of 1620s the meaning that was being associated with the word was absorption to the mystery level or in the years of 1660s the meaning in the sense of pleasure was derived. Ecstatic definition will be quite clear after reading this article.

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